The Stapleton Criterium.

Featuring a flat, .9 mile, 8-turn course located in Northfield Stapleton, Denver, CO. With excellent spectating, this race course provides opportunity for all racers. Additionally, we will have something special at the end of the day. We are excited to offer an elimination format race known as Devil Take the Hindmost, or Miss and Out.

Miss and Out Race – Colorado’s only criterium elimination race!

The Miss and Out is a race that will use a modified, shorter, more technical course that will test your nerve and race-craft. In this cutthroat race setup, the racers will constantly be attacking and jockeying for position, as the racer who crosses the finish line last on each laps gets eliminated. This will create a lot of action and racing excitement for the fans and racers!

Be sure to register for this race and you could have a chance to win a HUGE amount of Cash and a ton of fun!